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Roof Moisture Testing


Moisture Testing

There is nothing that can spark a host of problems for your roof more than moisture, especially if it gets underneath into the attic. It can weaken the structure, which can contribute to higher costs. It can breed mold, which not only causes problems to your home – if it gets into the living areas, it can make you and your family sick. If allergies are a part of the equation, that mold can become deadly.

We at Abstract Roofing & Construction have earned an outstanding reputation in Jersey City as the best roofing company in town. Our thorough inspections often include moisture testing. We don’t want to just replace the roof, covering up a potential and possibly dangerous problem. We want to make sure your roof is safe inside and out.

The Process

The process we use is infrared thermographic technology. The moisture meter was a great tool for its day, but according to many in the industry, this technology is being called the most significant advancement since. It is a non-contact diagnostic process that allows us to detect heat differences transferred through the following three means: Conduction – Heat transfer though or between solids. Convection – Heat via fluid. Radiation – Heat transfer via Electromagnetic wavelengths.