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Roof Certification

Roof Certification

For Realtors

You are about to buy a home, and you are in good communication with your lender. However, as part of the loan process, they are requiring a roof inspection and certification. Naturally, it has to be done by a certified roof contractor. We can sure recommend one – us!

Yes, we at Abstract Roofing & Construction can help you with this! As the best roofing contractor in Jersey City, we have performed countless inspections when working with a client on their roofing repair or replacement. This has groomed us to perform certifications for many buyers and lenders in the area.

With 19 years of experience, certified roofers on our staff, and customer service that is second to none, you can count on us for your roof certification.

So what is a Roof certification anyway? A licensed and insured roofing professional performs a visual inspection of the roof. Within 24 hours, the inspector will then take the information they find and write up a report, including photos and professional comments.

They will comment on about the integrity of the roof. It will also include what they feel, in their professional opinion, is the lifespan of the roof. It should be noted that this is not included in a regular home inspection. It is a completely separate inspection.

Finally, the buyer and/or lender will receive a report certificate showing what the determined condition of the roof is.

Here is some other information that will be included in the certification:

Number of

We often encounter this in a roof replacement. It is a short cut that most often turns out to be short sighted. Many building codes will allow 2 layers on a low pitched roof, and 3 on a steep one. However, your insurance company may only insure the top layer. For example, let’s say your home has 2 layers of roofing material.

Previous roof

The purpose of including this information is to make sure the previous repair was done correctly and will pose no threat to the home or cause problems in the future. So if you are buying a home, a roof certification may be a good idea, whether or not your lender requires it. Your roof is a key part of protecting and regulating the indoor temperature of your home.