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Roof Replacement

Your Guide To

Replacing Your Roof

Roofer in Jersey City
Living in Jersey City, it you might find a long list of roofers. But if you are looking for a good roofer in Jersey City, you don’t want to waste your valuable time calling a bunch of them. Why not call us first at Abstract Roofing & Construction?

We pride ourselves at being the best roofing company in Jersey City. A lot of people might say “the proof is in the pudding.” Fair enough. But we want to take it a step further and say the “proof is in our roofing!”

So what kind of services do we offer? Roofing is more than just replacing shingles. In reality, there are a multitude of roofing related needs in the market, and we provide a lot of them.

Roof Replacement
It would be great if a roof only needed to be repaired. But the truth is that you might be able to get up to 20 years, sometimes more, from a good roof that was well-maintained. At some point, every roof is going to need replacing.

At Abstract Roofing & Construction, we have the goods to get the job done, and it all starts with some careful planning. When you contact us, after getting some basic information, we will set up an inspection of your roof.

We will check your roof with a fine toothed comb. We will be looking for more than the obvious items, like damaged or worn shingles. The fascia gutters and vents are just a few of several areas that will be inspected. If you have reported roof leaks to us, we’ll also be checking out the attic or other areas from which the leak may originate.

More importantly, the roof structure will be examined to ensure that it is going to support the new repairs – and not come tumbling down on you and your family.

The information we gather from the inspection will help us plan how we will proceed with the roof replacement. We will work with you to help determine a timeline for the work, and then put together an affordable estimate for your consideration.

Then all we need from that point is the word “go” from you! When that happens, we will schedule the job, and our crew will get to work. They will work as quickly as possible to get your roof replaced, bringing you the peace of mind you’ve been longing for.

Now what if you have a flat roof?

Types of Roofing

Asphalt Roofing

Unless a roofing company is specialized in a particular material, they have worked with composite roofing materials. The majority of roofing jobs using these materials are residential, so we are no exception in their use. Here are a few you might be familiar with: The most common and least expensive of these is the asphalt shingle, which covers the majority of residential roofs today.

Types of Roofing

Flat Roofing

In many ways, an angled roof does a pretty good job of keeping water from leaking into a home. With a flat roof, though, it’s not so easy. Any hole or seam poses a threat to keeping water out. Snow buildup is also a problem, especially in high volume snow areas, like the Northeast. This buildup can be heavy, putting enormous stress on your flat roof.